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Soothing Teddies,

 Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village
is the world’s first environment-themed
teddy bear museum. The exhibited
bears are not simply children’s toys, nor
are they just a valuable collection
display. The heartwarming nature of
these plush toys will transport you back
to a place and time when you easily
imagined being friends with all
creatures. Teddy bears are
good-natured, soothing and familiar
goodwill ambassadors for
the creatures of this world.
 Come enjoy the charms of a thousand
bears in a renovated 180-year-old
gassho-zukuri farmhouse

Message from the Artists
Linda Spiegel

Dear hida takayama teddybear eco village and good friends,

There is a special place in my heart for honor you have given me! Tony Bennett left his heart in San francisco. I ve left mine in takayama! so much thought and care have been displayed in your wonderful teddy museum! It is surely on the "must see" list, when visiting Takayama!

Linda Spiege

Anna Koetse

To all who like to discover a very special Teddy Bear Museum!

Nagoya station is where I have to change to pick up the train to Hida Takayama. I remember clearly how impressive the trip by train is climbing high into the mountains, following the turquoise colored river to his roots.
Here, hidden in the most beautiful surroundings, tucked away into the forest, the Teddy Bear Eco Village Museum was founded in a 140-years old Gassho-style heritage and they couldn't find a better place for their 800 bear-related items, each of them telling you in a subtle way that we have to protect the world!
If paradise exists, I am sure that it resembles Hida Takayama, and I am always looking forward being again in this most welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy yourselves!

Anna Koetse,
The Netherlands

Bev White

I could never forget you and your magnificent corner of Japan. I have many fond memories and will come back someday!
It is almost impossible to describe my pleasure in visiting the Eco Village Teddy Bear Museum in your lovely mountain home of Takayama with my ten year old granddaughter Rachel. We wished we could have stayed longer.
Your sensitivity to environmental preservation is immediately tactile and visible before even entering the Museum. Its setting, in the old, restored, thatched roof farmhouse makes it a most unique and lovely home for an exquisite display of artist works from around the globe. It required some far sited and expert vision to create this precious gem of a museum.
I loved how the permanent exhibits that depict teddy bears in ecologically themed settings, are presented in beautiful glass and wood display cases, uncrowded and focused. To an artist, it is an honor to see ones work respected and truly understood. I personally appreciate the thought and sensitive manner in which the entire museum was artistically designed to integrate nature with the bears toward a common goal.
I look forward to returning again to spend more time at the Eco Museum and to learn more about the unique history and sights of Hida Takayama.

Warm Wishes,
Bev White


MENU  ( Little bear cafe is located next to the main building)


Hida Takayama

Teddy Bear

Eco Village


◆Adults    1000 yen
junior high
 elementary students
preschool and younger



(until 16:00p.m)





Open daily

Closed on Wednesdays

Show me this screen at the reception desk.

Hida Takayama
Teddy Bear Eco Village

3-829-4 Nishino-Isshikicho,
Takayama City. Gifu

phone +81 577 37 2525
Fax +81 577 37 2528